Direct Tax Savings Towards
Financial Growth and Stability

Financial Services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
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Direct Tax Savings Towards
Financial Growth and Stability

Financial Services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Due to Our Tax Expertise
None of our clients have been audited!

Our Services

Operational & Accounting Functions

  • Daily operations of invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Prepare purchase orders, send bills and post bill payments
  • Inventory asset management
  • Standardize Chart of Accounts
  • Banking Feeds Income/Expenses, Transfers Bank and Credit Cards
  • Adjust transaction recordings and general ledger
  • Prepare Required Journal Entries
  • Reconcile Bank accounts
  • Reconcile Credit cards
  • Reconcile vendor and customer payments
  • Oversee all existing bookkeeper/controllers work
  • Prepare financial statements for each month
  • Monthly Bookkeeping

Payroll & Tax Functions

  • Payroll Setups, payroll processing, and tax filings, W2, 1099
  • 940, 941, State unemployment payroll filings
  • Health insurance & workers compensation processing
  • Franchise Tax Filing
  • HCAD Property Tax Renditions
  • Manage Sales Tax Filings
  • IRS Response Assistance & Representation
  • Annual Tax filings for Sch C Business
  • Annual Personal Tax Filings for Owner
  • Tax Planning for financial growth & stability
  • Annual Tax Filings for S or C Corps or Partnership

Other Financial & Business Functions

  • Financial Valuations for Insurance, Assess Insurance offerings
  • Bank Relationships
  • Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Financial Analysis, Trend Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, KPIs
  • Financial Statement Comparisons with Industry
  • Financial Modeling
  • Commercial Loan Preparation, Consultation, Procurement
  • Invoice Factoring
  • Project Profitability Performance
  • Resource Planning
  • Business & Financial Analysis and Consultation


  • By Phone or Text
  • Scheduled Meetings/Communications

Custom Service Level Options

The Basic Service provides any business the ability to successfully complete monthly bookkeeping and accounting activities according to organizational and operational changes within the company. Financial statements and Management Reports are prepared on a monthly basis, quarterly, and annual basis which can be used for IRS tax preparation and management analysis.

The Full Service provides IRS response assistance along with all the items of a Basic Service. Additionally, it also provides services for Franchise tax, Sales tax, HCAD Property Tax filings and Accounting for Invoice Factoring Services.

The Premier Service provides businesses with all of the services of the Basic and Full plans as well as additional services of a Full Charge Bookkeeper. This includes Payroll Services, Payroll Tax filings for Federal and State requirements, Inventory Asset Reporting, Management of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables.

Our Leads

Shuba Mantri MBA, PMP is a Business Systems & Financial Analyst and a certified Project Management Professional. She has over 25 years of accounting and financial analysis experience, with a specialization in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Analysis, IT System Conversions, Business Analysis, and Tax Services. Shuba has worked at multiple publicly traded firms including Apache Corporation, Severn Trent, EDS, Quorum, Cobalt Energy. Additionally, as a small business owner, Shuba skillfully handles cross-functional challenges, makes a positive impact with great communication skills using a collaborative outlook. She is organized to work with small to medium sized companies for all of their financial and business needs. Shuba, graduated with recognition and academic honors from The University of Houston’s MBA program with a concentration in Finance.


Monty Allen, MBA, CPA is an experienced licensed CPA in the State of Texas. He has dealt with the IRS on behalf of clients for over 25 years. He excels at avoiding IRS audits by resolving "red flag" areas before completing client tax returns. He has addressed the bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax filing needs of small to medium sized businesses and individual clients in the Houston area. Mr. Allen, graduated from The Wharton School of Business, The University of Pennsylvania with an MBA and is a licensed CPA from the State of Texas.

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